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Ep. 87: "I Speak Sea Plane"


Ep. 59: "Insufferabilityism"

No banjo players.

Roderick on the Line , Ep. 59: ”Insufferabilityism” on Huffduffer

The Problem: It might just take a mutant astronaut to survive this sarcophabus.

[MP3] Ep. 59: "Insufferabilityism"


Ep. 47: "Esquivalience"

The Problem: You better hope to Christ you brought everything you’ll need.

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Ep. 33: "Starts to Slurry"

Ep. 33: “Starts to Slurry” - Roderick on the Line on Huffduffer

The Problems: The Conversion of the Jutes; maids of scullery, milk, and otherwise; hacks for avoiding Saturday fires; Roderick’s Law of Condescending Reverse Obsequiousness; No Claptons, No Claptons, No Claptons!; concentric naval circles around the seaman’s wheelhouse; the decline and fall of one anachronistic 11-year-old impressionist; Buck Owens, The Second Moog Enthusiast; yeah, well, The Fantastic Four already did that; John’s latest observations about windows; Supertrain to the rescue!; understanding epidemic famine from inside a moderately tight Methodist tube; an abridged retrospective of Wendy William Walter Carlos Williams Williams; dry burgers—you know, for kids; Merlin can’t even get into his whole Jean Grey Thing; the hosts’ shared dread of The Bikini Toll; things from which no good can come; important steps for qualifying your new Chapman Stickman; John shot first; “Shabbos, Wiry Shabbos”; Silicon Valley’s ironic afro aeronautics; why is this Wednesday different from all other days?; plus, Merlin repeatedly struggles to help John understand a canny but admittedly elaborate plan for interfaith human barter.

[MP3] Ep. 33: "Starts to Slurry"


Ep. 25: "Supertrain"

Ep. 25: “Supertrain” - Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann on Huffduffer

The Problems: teching makes; radioactive devil dogs; faking the patois poorly; Anakin’s dubious conception; plus, a detailed glimpse into your exciting new role in John’s comprehensive plan.


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[MP3] Ep. 25: "Supertrain"