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Ep. 07: "The Compulsive Sherry Algorithm"

Ep. 07: “The Compulsive Sherry Algorithm” - Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann on Huffduffer

The Problems: Sidling up to German Sex Tourists; Elephant 6 bands decamping to a new porch; more on John’s uncontrollable steaming; almost closing the thread on the Bruce Vilanch problem; FDA’s daily requirement of Femineseum; why John treasures his collection of Braille Playboys; pitching the pilot for DecencyBusters; a pledge of index cards to help deflect John’s photons; the inexcusable lack of a decent Grand Guignol magazine; the long menarche that preceded our heavy internet period; John’s studied reluctance to buying young boys; Merlin’s reflections on accepting a strong man’s syllabus; why so few teens today offer to make candy penis bang bang; grave concern for the Teutonic hitting-and-poo thing; why you never fuck with Leonard Bernstein; Merlin’s culpability for Florida’s many orphan towel-babies; how Harold Ramis’ heart broke and broke; why John’s compound may be neither decadent nor depraved; chronicling our mass exodus from wool; knowing when your sword deserves its own bathrobe; strategies for rebooting John’s complex legacy; the spelling error that created a frottage industry; Wilde’s femoral focus on rentboy stickling; some benefits of packing an improbably large crossbow; the surprising trouble with faking The Loco Eyes; the tactical defense strategy of misquoting Larry Wall; finding the proper cave for Cartoon Billy Barty; flying a rainbow flag of convenience; why every arsenal should make room for a mildly inconvenient rose bush; the uncanny effectiveness of John’s splintered pickets; and, finally learning what John’s been hiding behind that steel-reinforced door.

40% of Canadians Will Die At Some Point In Their Lives

40% of Canadians Will Die At Some Point In Their Lives by tedSeverson

Roderick on the Line Ep. 07 Show Notes

[MP3] Ep. 07: "The Compulsive Sherry Algorithm"