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Ep. 06: "String Art Owls, Copper Pipe, and Bono's Boss"

Vimeo: “John Roderick on String Art Owls, Copper Pipe, and Bono’s Boss”

We weren’t able to record a new episode for this week, but we couldn’t leave you guys empty-handed. So, here’s a special little treat from the John and Merlin archives.

Videotaped in the verdant, bucolic, and phlegmatic chaos of his back yard in San Francisco, here’s Merlin’s 2007 interview with John for The Merlin Show.

Then, as now, we cover the waterfront in this one. From playing guitar to advertising on the web to the evil work of promoters, to the ongoing problem of everyone always trying to shortchange everyone on copper pipe. We also discuss Bono’s Boss. 

Tech note: In the interest of not killing your bandwidth, we’re dropping this interview into our podcast feed as an audio file.

But, to get the full effect, we encourage you to enjoy the actual video, which you can watch embedded here on the show notes page for this episode. Or, you can also hop over to Merlin’s Vimeo site, where, if you have a Vimeo login, you can download the (589 MB .m4v) file to peruse at your offline leisure.

Anyhow, we hope you enjoy the show. See you next week, and—please—keep moving and get out of the way.

[MP3] Ep. 06: "String Art Owls, Copper Pipe, and Bono's Boss"