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Ep. 05: "Carry on, Maude"

The Problems: the Greek dessert crisis (from the root, disagreeos); analyzing the tactical dearth of mousse in the Maginot Line; a shared fate for Ernst Röhm and the Clampett family; disruptive oninonomics behind food that blooms; no Abrahamic sandwiches for Halal the Elder; some phallocentric appeals of flan and its equipment; John’s beef with the compulsory heat of Turkey’s nuts; why hasenpfeffers are expendable; ruined by a young Marlo Thomas; when *M*A*S*H* got all Chachi; line-editing Raymond Carver’s cocktail napkins; accent on the fakeyest Cockneys, Guv’na; formally moving on to African-American-tie racism; efforts to secure Ann-Margret’s hips (and flips) a place on our canonical phalanx; John’s morbid—and ultimately unfounded—fear of Neil Young’s doobie; saving a lovely, dark-haired girl from hipster yodeling; and some editorial follow-up on why Merlin could still use a good Pounding.

Ep. 05: “Carry on, Maude” - Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann on Huffduffer

La carte des desserts

“La carte des desserts” by tedseverson

Roderick on the Line Ep. 05 Show Notes

[MP3]: Ep. 05 "Carry On, Maude"