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Ep. 02: "White Leather Carpet"


The problems: topical storms; Wears-a-Hat guy (and the uniforms of his ruthless punishers); our touchy tattooed friends; an elegant Kanji; John’s numerous hauntings, visions, and visitations; Angelina Jolie’s insane bubble of insanity; the ubiquity of permanent sexface; why we’re not actually that fancy; fake benefits; the byzantine chili fan and earnest butchery; and why That’s Not Funny. It’s not. It’s ***not funny***.

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Ep. 01: "Keep Moving and Get Out of the Way"

Punctuality, Freud, reasons, John’s brutal introversion, R.E.M.’s sense of humours, listening with toolboxes, the explicit honesty of volcano science, and ultimately rethinking humanity’s Latifahesque, fleece-and-beards struggle with the two a priori laws.

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Ep. 00: "Suit of Vomit"

Our pilot episode.

Steak, Babies, Hitler, Molecules, Hearing Loss, and the Best of the Liberal Arts.

Pretty much what you’d expect.

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