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Archive Holiday Edition - "The Story of Lola"

As you do.

Ep. 44: “The Story of Lola” - Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann on Huffduffer

With John on tour and the holiday season literally upon us (literally), the next few weeks of our Roderick on the Line program will, regrettably, be compelled to hew to an unusually-erratic release schedule.

But, in deference to the Spirit of Christmas, we’d like to share with you a Very Special Episode™ from the copious bowels of the RotL archives.

Like It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and that one episode of Happy Days where Fonzie may have to spend Christmas alone in his hovel of a garage, eating a can of beans from his hot plate, we hope that you will consider building a warm and nostalgic new holiday tradition for your family with an annual listening of one of our favorite and best-loved episodes: “The Story of Lola.”

In which John drinks too much coffee, shares his breadth of knowledge regarding our nation’s strip clubs, explains the role of raccoons in producing bottled water, and—yes—recounts his august background dressing up as Santa Claus and spanking dirty little elves in a bar.

Happy Holidays to you and yours, and thank you for letting John help you so much each week.

[Photo Credit: Three Imaginary Girls]

[MP3] Archive Holiday Edition - "The Story of Lola"


Ep. 58: "Squirearchy of Monks"


Ep. 57: "Unfair"

Cinderella story.

Roderick on the Line - Ep. 57: “Unfair” on Huffduffer

The Problem: We should all be living in Atlantis.

[MP3] Ep. 57: "Unfair"


Ep. 56: "We Paradise in Our Wake"

The wax pants don't breathe.

Roderick on the Line, Ep. 56: “We Paradise in Our Wake” on Huffduffer

The Problem: Brokering a rapprochement with Terrence and the world’s angriest roof-dog.

[MP3] Ep. 56: "We Paradise in Our Wake"


Ep. 55: "A Welsh Troll"


Ep. 54: "This Is Not YOUR Kennel"

I bet you've got a King and a Queen, don't you?

Roderick on the Line - Ep. 54: “This Is Not YOUR Kennel” on Huffduffer

The Problem: Sitting on Daddy’s lap may be all that saves you from the Gestapo.

[MP3] Ep. 54: "This Is Not YOUR Kennel"


Ep. 53: "Kennebunkhead"

No mud pickles.

Ep. 53: “Kennebunkhead” on Huffduffer

The Problem: It’s time people learn how to become a gentleman with John.

[MP3] Ep. 53: "Kennebunkhead"


Ep. 52: "The Choad Building"

You've been served.

Roderick on the Line, Ep. 52: “The Choad Building” on Huffduffer

The Problem: It’s time we change business culture with a scimitar.

[MP3] Ep. 52: "The Choad Building"


Ep. 51: "In Pursuit of an Errant Leaf"

You owe me an apology.

Roderick on the Line, Ep. 51: “In Pursuit of an Errant Leaf” on Huffduffer

The Problem: We may very well be the first generation of fruits.

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Ep. 50: "Check Your Six"