What’s Merlin Make & Do?

Merlin writes, consults, and speaks on many of the topics discussed on his site, 43 Folders. He also contributes to a variety of popular online projects, variously as a creator, producer, writer, performer, or guest.

More recently, companies, organizations, and government agencies have brought Merlin in to advise them on everything from improving personal productivity, to doing better creative work, to even—yes, inexplicably—learning how to use social media without turning into a huge douche. Want to work with Merlin? Awesome!

Please take a minute to learn more about hiring Merlin, then do drop a line to tell us what you need.

Bottom line? Merlin’s primary job is to stay curious about everything, identify the points where two forces might clash, then enthusiastically share what that might mean, as well as why you might care.

And, yes; this is the best career a person could ever hope for.

Below, are few of the locations that constitute Merlin’s entropic web empire.

Active Projects

Retired, Emeritus, or On-Hiatus Projects

  • Most Days Subscribe to this feed for free - Merlin rolls a short video most days. Sometimes. Kinda. (on hiatus)
  • The Merlin Show (iTunes) - Merlin chats at 30 theoretically productive frames per second. (on hiatus
  • MacBreak Weekly (iTunes) - Merlin punditizes about Apple, Macs, and tech culture on this very popular tech podcast. (retired)
  • MacBreak Video (iTunes) - Merlin demos, interviews, and generally hams it up at 29 FPS. (retired)
  • Bacon Ray - Merlin played in a band in Tallahassee Florida (retired)