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Merlin at UW-Madison - Limited Seating for DLS Keynote

I’ll be visiting Madison on Tuesday, October 19th as part of the University of Wisconsin’s Distinguished Lecture Series. The big event of the day will be my address at 7:30pm CDT at the Wisconsin Union Theater in the Memorial Union.

Big, partly because it’s definitely an honor to be invited to participate in such an august series (the guest speaker on Thursday night is none other than freakin’ Errol Morris). But, also big because I’ll be launching a new—and heavily reimagined—version of my popular Time & Attention talk (‘08 Macworld Original, ‘08 Google Version, and ‘10 Impro Version). I think it’ll be good.

I’m sharing this here because I’ve been told that there is limited seating available free of charge to the public. Doors open at 7:00 pm for UW students and staff, but all remaining seats will be offered to anyone who’s interested in attending on a first-come/first-served basis, starting at 7:20 (see: Free Ticket Policy).

Apparently parking on campus is a nightmare, so public transit is your best option.

If you make it out on Tuesday night, please grab me and say, “hi.” If you don’t make it, keep an eye peeled for a video of the talk. Like I say, I have high hopes this’ll be a goodie.

[Special thanks to Tom Black and DLS for hosting this event. Very much looking forward to a swell day.]

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