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Merlin Sightings: August, 2008

Here’s the latest stuff Merlin’s been up to, as well as upcoming places you can check him out.

Merlin’s Upcoming Stuff

  • The Start ConferenceStart. A Conference for Entrepreneurs. Tomorrow, my pals, Jeff and Bryan are putting on an amazing conference for people who are thinking of doing a startup. It’s very close to sold out, but there’s still time to see me, Mena, Ev, and many more folks talk about how to sensibly take your idea to the web. Register while you still can (it’s cheap). Who knows? You might even get to see something special.

  • IzeaFest. In September, I’ll be in Orlando, Florida to talk about how to build a smart blog for smart people without resorting to tricks and games. And, no: I will not be holding up AdSense checks for “Cash Proof.”

For more information about inviting me to speak at your company or event, drop a line.

Merlin: Recently and Elsewhere

  • Da Cash Duke is in the skyGuestblogging: Blogging at Maximum Fun. For the next couple weeks, me and the other You Look Nice Today “talent” will be guest-blogging over at Jesse’s site; Jesse has apparently fooled a woman into marrying him. (Congrats, J&T)

  • Appearance: iPhone DevCamp. Participated in a fun panel with Dom, Mike, and Brian, talking about what we want from iPhone apps, what patterns to replicate, and which pitfalls to avoid. As ever, much love for Remote.

  • Interview: Real estate information overload | Inman News. Really enjoyed this interview with Glenn in advance of my talk at the Inman Connect conference a couple weeks back. How can you tell a good interviewer? You talk a lot about things you didn’t realize you were thinking about.

  • Interview: ”Technology in the Arts” podcast. Was interviewed by a very nice man called Brad about productivity, “branding,” and why editing helps everything not to suck.


Merlin’s Ongoing Projects

Thank you for bravely suffering my pimp. See you next month.

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