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Videos: Merlin Presenting & Interviewing (and Pitching)

Folks who are kind enough to ask me to speak at their company or event often enjoy showing their colleagues videos of my stuff to prep them for the visit.

To make this a bit easier — as well as to introduce you to my speaking work, if we’ve never met — I’ve put together a few of my favorite videos of stuff I’ve been involved with. This includes my two most popular talks (“Inbox Zero” and my “Time & Attention” talk) as well as interviews from The Merlin Show, plus a recent, more light-hearted event from South by Southwest.

Drop a line today if you’d like to chat about me coming to speak with your group. There’s still time to book for Summer and beyond, so let’s talk.

1. ”Inbox Zero” Google Tech Talk

58 minute presentation at Google’s Mountain View campus; July 23, 2007 (original post)

It’s amazing to me that this little fellow has now been watched 213,000 times (I hope that’s counting partial views, otherwise that’s over 23 person-years of viewing time. yikes.)

I really like how this turned out, and it’s been very cool to hear how many people this has turned on to the idea of doing something more responsible with their email.


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2. Macworld “Time and Attention” Talk

70-minute slideshow with live audio; Macworld 2008; January 14, 2008 (original post)

This talk premiered to an enthusiastic SRO crowd at Macworld San Francisco 2008 in January of this year. The talk is evolving quickly and it’s since been re-titled “Who Keeps Moving My Brain?: Revaluing Time & Attention“.

This is a more high-level discussion of attention issues than Inbox Zero, and it’s turning out to be an excellent presentation for a more general audience.

N.B.: The first slide is white; the video is fine, I promise.

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3. IDEO “Know How” Talk

1-hour conversation at IDEO’s Palo Alto campus; September 9, 2007 (original post)

Sure, I was high on the Theraflu, but this gave me the chance to talk about the idea that’s most got my attention right now: “How do we deal with the lack of scarcity in our electronic world?

Many thanks to my pals at bOING bOING for putting this on lots of people’s radar screens. Much appreciated.

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4. Merlin Show Interview: Jonathan Coulton

10-minute interview with internet troubadour, Jonathan Coulton original post

I conducted this interview with the wonderful Jonathan Coulton right around the time I found out I was going to become a father. Have to say that, given my mood at the time, I found what he had to say inspirational.

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5. Merlin Show Interview: Jeffrey Veen

16-minute interview with Google’s Jeff Veen original post

Jeff’s been a swell pal and great guy to work with (I managed projects for him back in the day). In this particular instance, Jeff’s insight into how to move aside the BS and get to the kernel of things is not to be missed.

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6. SxSW, Worst Website Ever: “FlockdUp”

6-minute pitch for a fictional social networking site

Oh, what the heck. Let’s throw this one in for fun. It’s a 6-minute mini-presentation I delivered as part of a South by Southwest panel called “Worst Website Ever,” in which seven teams were invited to pitch their fictional idea for the worst web startup of all time — to a real-life VC.

Roo Reynolds was kind enough to capture my “award-winning” pitch with a hand-held camera. This was a lot of fun to do, and the audience reaction was swell.

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