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Merlin and the 43F podcast in 7x7

Glossy local SF mag, 7x7, has a cool feature in their July Entertainment issue about Bay Area bloggers. It includes a nice little profile on me, 43F, and the podcast:

Mann’s advice is making its way into short podcasts on the same site — little pep talks on why small changes work better than huge ones, or how to organize your day according to your energy level instead of the clock. “I’m not a very organized person,” he admits. “But this is something we all have to face. No one ever taught us how to deal with 300 emails a day.” Until now that is.

My favorite part, I must admit, was the amazing camera work of Jeremy Harris, who employed his estimable skills in the service of a very long afternoon’s shooting in Stern Grove. Happily, they chose to use my favorite photo that Jeremy took that day. (after the cut for the full-size image and article)

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