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You know. Various and sundry videos, podcasts, interviews and other odds and ends that I’ve made with other people or for other projects. It’s all work that I hope you’ll enjoy, because it’s all work that I’m proud of. [RSS Feed]

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Video: Merlin's "Scared Shitless" Talk at Webstock 2011

Merlin Mann - “Scared Shitless: How I (Mostly) Learned to Love Being Afraid of Pretty Much Everything”

Download MP4 Video of “Scared Shitless”

This is the video of a talk I did last month at Webstock in Wellington, New Zealand.

It’s pretty different from a lot of stuff I’ve done. It’s about being scared.

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Audio: Merlin on's "The Pipeline"

The Pipeline #7: Merlin Mann - 5by5


The Pipeline Episode 7 - Merlin Mann on Huffduffer

We discuss figuring out and focusing on your values, a new perspective on productivity, ignoring the lizard brain, doing what you like, rejecting novelty, serving the right audience, Picasso, cognition, action, self-discovery, mindfulness, buddhism, and the new book.