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Audio: Merlin Chats with Adam Lisagor about Webstock 2012

Adam Lisagor interviewed by Merlin Mann on Huffduffer

[MP3 Download]

Adam Lisagor – interview by Merlin Mann

In the second of our interviews with a Webstock ’12 speaker, we’re both honored and delighted to present Adam Lisagor in conversation with Merlin Mann. They cover such topics as Webstock, the New Zealand accent, what it is Adam does, how he works and much, much more.

Thanks to both Adam and Merlin and enjoy the listen.

I’m sharing this here because, in addition to exposing more people so Sandy’s sexy voice (and “deeply gifted body of work,” or whatever), it gives me the opportunity to add some links and show notes. Which I’m working on right now.

Thanks a million to Mike at Webstock and Adam at…Adam, I guess…for honoring me with the chance to do this. Sandy’s a good human and a super-interesting talent. Catch him now, because he getting all famous, and soon you’ll find yourself saying you knew him when.

[MP3] Adam Lisagor Interviewed by Merlin Mann about Webstock 2012