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Audio: Merlin returns to The Marketplace of Ideas

We have ham radios: Merlin Mann on media, fear, and caring about what you make

Very pleased and honored to return to Colin Marshall’s wonderful Marketplace of Ideas. My 2009 visit with Colin remains my favorite interview anyone’s ever done with me.

Many thanks to Colin for bringing me back.

Colin Marshall talks to Merlin Mann, thinker, writer, and speaker on time, attention, and creative work. Following up on his June 2009 visit, he’s back on the show to talk about a great many things, not least his new podcast Back to Work with Dan Benjamin, a program about productivity, communication, barriers, constraints, tools — and, nearly always, fear. The conversation also ventures into other, unusually personal topics, including dealing with entrepreneurs, trying not to hate the internet, and having one hundred dollars in the bank.

Direct download: MOIMerlinMann_2.mp3

Merlin on Marketplace of Ideas

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