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Audio: City Arts & Lectures Interview with John Hodgman 

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That’s the full, one-hour version of my interview with Mr. Hodgman for KQED’s swell City Arts & Lectures program.

City Arts & Lectures - John Hodgman

In his role on “The Daily Show,” Hodgman has offered insight and commentary on art authentication, presidential candidate style, hurricane season and mixed martial arts. Hodgman’s latest book, More Information Than You Require, deals with more of the esoteric, charming and just plain eccentric topics that catch the author’s fancy. John Hodgman appeared in conversation with Merlin Mann on November 7, 2009.

Unfortunately, CA&L does not produce a podcast or otherwise make their audio available outside of terrestrial radio broadcast via member stations [sad trombone]. Therefore, I’m sharing it here via mp3 for the enjoyment of you, the extraterrestrial internet listener.

And I do think you will enjoy it. Because John is a hilarious man — my job that night was mostly to stay out of his way, which I mostly did.

And, yes, much to the audio editor’s credit, you will hear the sound of a Former Literary Agent and Minor Television Personality kicking a persimmon off my head. Without training. Without stretching. Without a truss or use of CGI. Truly, I cannot believe he nailed it.

Bonus: My Linda Hunt vanity ringtone.

And that, as they say, is all.

Merlin's interview with John Hodgman

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