Video: Merlin's Macworld '09 Talk, "Toward Patterns for Creativity"
January 27, 2009
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Merlin Mann - “Toward Patterns for Creativity” - Macworld PULSE

Here’s a video of my presentation, “Toward Patterns for Creativity,” from earlier this month at Macworld, here in SF.

My slides were kind of a mess thanks to a bonehead technical problem on my part, but you can follow along fine below.

As I said, I’m very interested in seeing where a topic like this could go. Because I truly believe it’s an idea that could help push a lot of people to the next level.

Related: if you’re interested in where my head was as I prepped for this, be sure and catch the previous post, The Problem with “Feeling Creative”.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor, and pick up the book I highlight in this talk: The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharpe.

Addendum: 2009-01-28 06:42:03

It should not go without mentioning five (5) John Gruber-related things:

  1. Seriously. I really did like John’s talk, and I think he’s totally onto something with the Auteur thing. (cf.)
  2. John very kindly let me borrow his laptop after my learning that my own was un-dongle-able.
  3. The slide problem stemmed from my preparing the presentation on a newer version of Keynote than John had installed.
  4. I’m pretty sure John did have Helvetica Neue installed. Because he’s a giant type nerd.
  5. John invented Markdown. In which I write everything. Including this.

Which is just to say that John is a friend as well as my favorite person in the Apple universe. So, upon watching this a second time, I realize I’d hate to leave you with the impression that I feel anything other than embarrassingly abundant aloha for him.

Thanks, John.

[video via: Macworld Pulse: Merlin Mann | Macworld]

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