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Audio: Merlin, Interviewed by Leo Babauta

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The beginning of a blood-curdling recession hardly seems like the time to ruminate about fantasy resources, I’ll grant you that. But, I want you to think about something. Really think about it.

If, tomorrow morning, you had 60% of the time and resources you needed to start making anything you wanted, what would it be? And, what would you do first?

Thanks, Leo

To be honest, Zen Habits isn’t my favorite site in the universe (oy, always with the “Zen”). But, it turns out its founder, Leo Babauta is a very nice fellow, who also has a new site for his new book. So, he’s been interviewing a few people for the site, including yrs truly. Apart from my brief, low-sugar meltdown at the beginning of our talk, I really like how his interview with me turned out. (As I’ve said before, interviews are one place where I find out what I really think.)

For one, I’m always happy to share how my daughter is constantly (delightfully) blowing up my whole notion of priority. That’s huge.

But, I also like that this interview is the first place that people who don’t know me personally will hear me ask that question above — about what you’d want to make (I turn the tables and ask it to Leo toward the end of his interview, around 19:20)….

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Merlin, interviewed by Leo B.

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