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Audio: Merlin Chats with Adam Lisagor about Webstock 2012

Adam Lisagor interviewed by Merlin Mann on Huffduffer

[MP3 Download]

Adam Lisagor – interview by Merlin Mann

In the second of our interviews with a Webstock ’12 speaker, we’re both honored and delighted to present Adam Lisagor in conversation with Merlin Mann. They cover such topics as Webstock, the New Zealand accent, what it is Adam does, how he works and much, much more.

Thanks to both Adam and Merlin and enjoy the listen.

I’m sharing this here because, in addition to exposing more people so Sandy’s sexy voice (and “deeply gifted body of work,” or whatever), it gives me the opportunity to add some links and show notes. Which I’m working on right now.

Thanks a million to Mike at Webstock and Adam at…Adam, I guess…for honoring me with the chance to do this. Sandy’s a good human and a super-interesting talent. Catch him now, because he getting all famous, and soon you’ll find yourself saying you knew him when.

[MP3] Adam Lisagor Interviewed by Merlin Mann about Webstock 2012


Audio: A Source of Rice with Velocity

5by5 | Back to Work #39: A Source of Rice with Velocity

5by5 | Back to Work #39: A Source of Rice with Velocity on Huffduffer

On strength and tolerance.

Dan and Merlin talk about the many facets of strength, including the complexity of knowing what to be strong about, to whom, and when. It’s about way more than nailing the “clean and jerk” or yelling at Sips-His-Coffee-Really-Loud Guy. It’s also about accepting all the things they just can’t stand about you.

Also covered: the inescapability of Italian disco, maintaining an unassailable lawn, confronting skinny ladies in heels, negotiating D-minus hip-hop, and finding the will to spelunk all the way down the personal productivity stack.

5by5 | Back to Work #39: A Source of Rice with Velocity


Audio: Merlin returns to The Marketplace of Ideas

We have ham radios: Merlin Mann on media, fear, and caring about what you make

Very pleased and honored to return to Colin Marshall’s wonderful Marketplace of Ideas. My 2009 visit with Colin remains my favorite interview anyone’s ever done with me.

Many thanks to Colin for bringing me back.

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Essay: Cranking


Nothing wrecks your living room decor quite like a giant, rented hospital bed.

The one my Dad laid in for a couple months in the fall of 1974 was an alarmingly stiff and sturdy affair, the frame of which was forged of impossibly heavy iron, with half a dozen jaggy coats of putty-flesh latex paint doing a shit job of concealing the dings and dents kissed by dozens of clutches of burly rental guys trying to navigate unaccommodating residential doors.

Jammed cattywampus between a teddy-bear brown sectional, an antiqued rococo credenza, and what had until recently been my Father’s favorite armchair, the hospital bed left little room for easy socializing, let alone aesthetic speculation. This was a living room where a very ill person would mostly die soon.

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Video: Merlin's "Scared Shitless" Talk at Webstock 2011

Merlin Mann - “Scared Shitless: How I (Mostly) Learned to Love Being Afraid of Pretty Much Everything”

Download MP4 Video of “Scared Shitless”

This is the video of a talk I did last month at Webstock in Wellington, New Zealand.

It’s pretty different from a lot of stuff I’ve done. It’s about being scared.

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Video: "There Is No Plugin for Awesome (and the Only Tool Here Is You)" 

Saturday, June 12th 2010 at Reno-Tahoe WordCamp

A talk for developers and bloggers, urging them to focus more on audience than tech.

Lands somewhere between “Something Something Social Media” and “HOWTO: 149 Surprising Ways to Turbocharge Your Blog With Credibility!“—with, yes, a dollop of “Better.”


Essay: First, Care

First, care. | 43 Folders

Feb 5 2010

Creative Work, Distractions, productivity

Asked and answered by the wonderful Frank Chimero:

Anonymous asked: ‘How do you maintain focus (on work, dreams, goals, life)?’

You do one thing at a time.

You might be amazed how many times—and over how many years—a given person can ask this same simple question, hear that same simple response, and still find themselves casting about for the great and arcane “secret” to achieving real focus.

But, this is pretty much it. Mostly.

Although, I must add one important “Step Zero,” borne of my own tedious experience.

Before you sweat the logistics of focus: first, care. Care intensely.

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Video: "Broken Meetings (and how you'll fix them)"


Wah-lah. Love this talk at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco.



Audio: Merlin Celebrates Nerds at dConstruct '10

[Crossposted from 43f]

dConstruct 2010: Merlin Mann - “Kerning, Orgasms & Those Goddamned Japanese Toothpicks” (NSFW)

ME - Kerning, Orgasms And Those Goddamned Japanese Toothpicks on Huffduffer

Download the audio | Huffduff it

Let’s be honest. I don’t go…mmmm…places very often.

I sit in this chair. I go to the Safeway with my daughter. Sometimes, I take the train downtown to get a haircut. I check the mail.

But, by and large, like most nerds, I’m without question, a bit of a shut-in.

Which makes it more than a little ironic that my first trip off the North American continent brought me all the way to Brighton, England’s wonderful dConstruct Conference.


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Audio: Merlin with Jeff Veen on's "The Conversation"


The Conversation #27: Missionless Statements - 5by5



The Conversation #27: Misionless Statements on Huffduffer

In this special episode, Dan Benjamin talks with two of his heroes, Merlin Mann and Jeff Veen about independence, free thinking, email, productivity, and changing your game.