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Live: MacBreak Weekly Picks Show

MacBreak Weekly 182: There’s An App For That

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What is this?

This is the artifact of Merlin’s participation in Episode 182 of MacBreak Weekly (subscribe). Our first-ever “All Picks” episode. It was chaos. And fun.

So, the stuff below is basically what I was typing during the show, plus a bit of followup (very lightly cleaned up and appended after the recording).

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you dig this stuff as much as I do.


at 2010-02-23 10-43-29

Trying something different.

Watch, listen and reload as MacBreak Weekly does our first ever “All Picks” show. As the show progresses, I’ll post links, screengrabs and commentary here.

Streams live at http://live.twit.tv in 15 minutes (2pm EST; 11am PST)

See you soon.

at 2010-02-23_11-16-53

Okay. Here goes nothin’

at 2010-02-23 11:41:37 -0800

Lordy, I think all of these are previous picks.

Anybody tried this Quicksilver app? :-)

at 2010-02-23_11-45-15

Okay. Added auto refresh every 3 min. I think. Haven’t done this “HTML” stuff in a while.

at 2010-02-23_11-50-26


On-Air Picks (and sidenotes)

Pick 1: Textmate



in the window…

subtleGradient’s Mind-Blowing Bundle

Also shown, palettes for:

  • “Select Bundle Item”
  • “Go to Symbol”


recommended: Alex Payne — How I Use TextMate

Pick 2: Expandrive + Skitch

Hey, look! Expandrive!

Sidenote: Leo’s Pick - Evernote

Check out the text recognition

Sidenote: Squarespace

You’re soaking in it.


Pick 3: SanDisk SDSDPH-004G-A11 4GB/15MB Ultra II SD Plus Card


I freakin’ love this thing. SD card that flips into a USB drive. Boom

Pick 4: ScreenSharingMenulet


Pick 5: Pastebot

Pastebot — Tapbots


Update 2010-02-23_13-29-27

WOW. Didn’t get to as many as we hoped — but in the next few minutes I’ll add my other picks. Thanks for hanging out and be sure to send Leo your picks for the listener eppie, okay? Back in a few…

Merlin’s Other Picks

(Left out for lack of time)

at 2010-02-23_14-16-13

Gotta dash, but I’ll try to work on this more tonight. Hope this is useful! (Leaving comments open for a while in case you wanna chat, say hey, or nominate other apps you like)

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